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Battle Dawn

Battle Dawn is a f2p mmo browser game designed to consume minimal time from the player, as it is turn based and spans over long periods of gameplay, is a game of strategy, tactics, diplomacy and skill. Your goal is to ultimately become the strongest leader on the world, supreme to all others. You must learn to use diplomacy, resources and military to aid in your quest for ultimate power.

You’ll soon discover that greatness can be only achieved through hard teamwork. You can be a top player by logging on into the game a few times during the day for a few minutes just to check your status, send messages and give orders to your armies.


Ticks are the Battle Dawn turns. Every 30 minutes, a Tick passes in which all squads advance, resources are produced and battles take place. After each tick, you should refresh the game client in order to see the latest updated view of the world.


After a catastrophe, almost all civilization was wiped from the face of the earth. Now you, as the leader of a surviving group of people, must start to build your colony and strive for world domination as the best Colony on earth! Engage in battles, take over countries, gain trust among allies or backstab anyone who gets in your way. You are the leader of your colony, you make the calls, you decide your own fate.


To be able to build with different weapon types, you’re going to need to be building your workshop factory which can be found in the structures tab. You can find this by simply going to the colony tab at the upper left corner of your screen, then the structures tab. Once you start your colony, the only Weapon Type you have under your belt is concussive, which is strong against infantry. But if you want to obtain weapon types that will be strong against Vehicles (beam weapons), or Tanks (explosive weapons), you’re going to have to build the Beam weapons workshop, and the Explosive weapons workshop, which are the first and second stages of the Workshop structure.


Alliances are a vital part of the game. An alliance is a group of up to 24 players cooperating which each other. Alliance members can do the following things with other members of the same alliance:

- Attack another player together
- Defend each other
- Trade resources after building the level 5 converter building
- See each other’s incoming/outgoing squads
- See each other’s squads and spies
- Share Gate Outposts
- Share Radar Outposts
- Ion each other’s incoming nukes and squads
- Send Mass Messages, to be received by all the alliance members
- Defend each other from spies


A chasis is a type of unit, i.e. Tank, Vehicle, Infantry. To get infantry, you’re going to have to build your barracks, which you can find by going to the colony tab, then the structures tab, and scrolling down. Infantry are the cheapest of the 3 chasis types, but you can have 30 of them in one squad.

The next step up in chasis is Vehicles. Vehicles are both cost effective, and quite strong too. The final, and most powerful chasis is Tanks. Tanks are a bit costly, but they definitely worth the price.

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